As you know, at today’s date, the situation of holiday rental in the Balearic Islands continues under the rules approved by the previous GOVERN, which basically permits touristic rentals of one-family houses and under certain conditions semi-detached houses. The Vice President of the Balearic Government, Biel Barceló, already announced in September 2015, one year ago, a draft legislation which would provide competition to the Island Councils to decide which areas of the municipalities could afford licensing for housing located in residential apartment blocks. A measure to be included in the amendment of the Tourism Act in order to give viability to this important sector, which would regulate the top of tourist beds affecting “all categories”.

Just last week Mr. Barceló reported the imminent release of a draft law to be submitted to all parties and that after parliamentary procedure could come into force next January 1st, 2017.

This future regulation will not define the areas or regions where properties can be rent to tourists, but as drafted and adopted the Intervention Plan in Tourist Areas (PIAT), a task entrusted to the Consell and Municipalities, the bases will be made to regulate the tourist rental, listing a decalogue of the requirements for a residential housing is intended for holiday rental, setting minimum measures and services to be offered to the client. In any case, if the statutes of the Community referred to prohibit the holiday rental, it would not be possible to carry out such activity, as the Community will always prevail. In practice, a large number of homes that do not meet the legal conditions will be excluded.

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The Nit de l’Art 2016

Saturday 17.09.2016 Palma will live the best night of the year, full of interesting people, great events, and most important lots of ART, The Nit de l’Art 2016.

Find the program for the night here



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Success and passion last night at the round table “Club Diario de Mallorca” about the “Female Economy in Mallorca.”

Success and passion last night at the round table “Club Diario de Mallorca” about the “Female Economy in Mallorca.” Our CEO and Co-founder, Heidi Stadler, shared the table with other successful women very influential in the economy of Mallorca to talk about their passion, intuition,optimism, humbelness, and sensuality in the way they run their business.

See more details


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First Mallorca sponsored the XXV Princess Brigitta from Sweden Tournament

We were happy to sponsor  the XXV Princess Birgitta from Sweden Golf Tournament that took place this weekend in the Santa Ponsa Golf with more than 100 participants that enjoyed 3 days of sport, social activities, great dinners and the fantastic weather of Mallorca with the great company of the Princess herself.



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Great stories about our properties

Apartment_San Agustin_62170_org-1

Ref: 62170

You don’t want to miss this story! Know more about this beautiful apartment clicking here.

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Do you have plans for this weekend? Not yet?

No worries, we recommend you to visit the Fun Fair in Port Adriano. Lots of fun, laughs and shows with a retro style. From 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm until the 28th of August. And it’s free!

Also, if you are looking for a property, our specialists based in our Port Adriano office will be delighted to help you.

Whatever your plans are…




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Inspiration of the Week


Ref. 62538

Memorable sea views and great design are only two of the many, many wonderful things of this property. For more information, please click here.

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Today, the sunset in Costa d’en Blanes will be at 20:49. Don’t miss this magical moment and happy weekend!

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Inspiration of the Week


Ref: 62499

This property is a dream come true, perfect to spend the whole summer and enjoy fantastic sunsets. If you want to see more, please, click here.

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The ordinance of the Report of Building Evaluation (EEI) is of May 16th , 2015 (entered into force the following day) and come to repeal the previous ordinance which regulated the inspection of buildings (ITE).

It was published in the official journal BOIB and approved by the town hall of Palma. It is applicable only the content of this information note to the mentioned municipality. Only those with more than 25,000 inhabitants (approximately) are required to regulate and to demand it. For example, in Inca, Manacor and Llucmajor.

The aim is to promote the maintenance of buildings.

The IEE report is made by a competent technician (technical architect, architect, engineer …).

It is the obligation/duty of the owner that this certificate being made.

The following hast to be stated/accredited:

1. The conservation status and security of the property (a visual inspection will take place).

2. Access condition (no discrimination for the persons with disability).

3. Functionality. 2016

4. Energy efficiency.

5. Use the building according to current regulations.

Even the Supreme Court has pronounced on the matter: basic duty of the owner, primary and substantial. It is in particular an obligation to demonstrate compliance, which is a duty of result.

The certificate is valid for 10 years. It must be renewed when it expires.

When repair injuries are detected, they must be made by the owners without expressly requiring the administration to them.

The IEE report has to be handed in at the town hall by the owner of the property (either natural or legal person) or representative of the homeowner’s community.

The ordinance regulates the stages of the presentation of the report reporting according to the year of house construction. The key is that it is for buildings over 50 years (regardless of use), that means, those before 1966 taking into account the year in which we find ourselves. If we talk about a building with different construction units with different years of construction, the age of the main building is prevailing. In order to determine the age of the building the cadastral information has to be attended (although it can also be certified with documents such as occupational license, final works certificate …). You may request 2016 suspension of the deadline for submitting the report if works are carried out or will be carried out (providing the documentation which proves it).

Now more residential buildings of collective use are required, besides the condition thereof, the certificate of energy efficiency and accessibility must be presented.

For one-family homes only the conservation status is required. Exceptions to be considered:

– Buildings / constructions subject to specific sectoral rules (e.g. transformer stations).

– Individual parking spaces.

– Minor buildings.

Also to be considered is that the owner must have insurance to cover the liability.

If the report is not submitted on time, disciplinary proceedings against the owners will be initiated, according to the new land and planning law, as not presenting the report IEE, it is considered a mild urban infraction. If the derivative works of the report are not carried out an enforcement procedure begins by opening a file penalty.


– The penalty for breach of the obligation to submit the report is 600 Euros to 1,500 Euros.

– If the repairs are carried out voluntarily (presenting report after initiation of disciplinary proceedings but before the penalty is imposed) the penalty is 150 Euros.

– If the report is unfavourable and afterwards the report does not credit that the necessary works have been carried out (favourable conclusion), the town hall grants three months as a last option. If those three months pass and the non-compliance persists, you can reach up to 3 impose coercive fines of 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 Euros, giving each a further period of 3 months to carry out such works.




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